Motorex: Bike Shine Protectingspray 300 ml

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Motorex: Bike Shine Spray

Hi Protecting Formula - Carbon Tested

Care and protection spray
Freshens colors and gives a high gloss. MOTOREX BIKE SHINE protects, preserves and is water-repellent (beading effect). Its anti-static properties repel dust, making it ideal for conserving bicycles that are infrequently used for display. Ideal for use after cleaning. Also a great prep before each ride because the finish adds a barrier to keep off road grime, mud, and dust while making it easier to clean the next time.

Spray BIKE SHINE on parts to be polished. Polish with a soft cloth if desired. Do not spray on brakes!

Mer information
Mer information
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Ytterligare informationDo not spray on brakes!
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